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Cannabis Leaf (PCFP) Apotheca Biosciences is Launching RAPID, a Novel Sublingual Product for Precise Cannabinoid Dosing - Optimized with Nanotechnology and Tissue Permeation Enhancing Molecules for Faster Absorption

/EIN News/ -- Seattle,WA. , June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cannabis Leaf (OTC PINK: PCFP), Apotheca Biosciences, a developer of cutting-edge medical products, nutraceuticals, formulation and cannabis delivery technologies for the healthcare and consumer care industry announces the RAPID, a sublingual cannabinoid delivery product.

There are several inherent benefits of sublingual delivery of drugs such as fast absorption, avoidance of unwanted liver and gut microbiota metabolism on active drug. Further, as medical cannabis is going to be on mainstream medicine, there is an urgent need for a new dosage and delivery form that can improve patient compliance. Common complaints about the difficulty in swallowing tablets in the order of frequency of complaints are size, surface, form, and taste of tablets are common in various patient groups. Geriatric and pediatric patients and traveling patients who may not have ready access to water are most in need of easy swallowing dosage forms.

Solid dosage forms that can be dissolved or suspended with water in the mouth for easy swallowing are highly desirable for the pediatric and geriatric population, as well as other patients who prefer the convenience of readily administered dosage forms, and that is reason why we come up with RAPID.

Apotheca's sublingual product, RAPID is a sugar-free Orally Disintegrating Tablet to deliver precise dose cannabinoids to neural tissues in a matter of seconds. The formulation is optimized with nanotechnology and tissue permeation enhancing molecules for faster absorption. Apotheca will be pairing up with clinical organizations and various clinical practitioners for conducting clinical studies using RAPID for various indications such as stress and anxiety relief, cognitive focus, various kinds of pain, migraines etc.

Application Areas - Opioid Addiction in US - RAPID™ might be the answer for treating opioid addiction

United States is in the middle of an unprecedented opioid epidemic; Since 1999, the rate of overdose deaths involving opioids nearly quadrupled, and over 165,000 people have died from prescription opioid overdoses. Prescription pain medication deaths remain far too high, and in 2014, the most recent year on record, there was a sharp increase in heroin-involved deaths and an increase in deaths involving synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. Prevention, treatment, and research to rapidly tackle and reverse opioid overdoses are critical to fighting this epidemic.

Early data coming out of states where marijuana laws have been passed suggest that even as conventionally used, marijuana may be playing a role in offsetting the opioid addiction epidemic. Studies have shown that phytocannabinoids like cannabidiol have promising results in opioid withdrawal symptoms and heroin-seeking behavior.

Our studies have shown that cannabidiol can have promising improvements in opioid withdrawal symptoms by attenuating the rewarding effects of opioids. There is at least partial evidence that cannabinoid compounds can relieve from depression. Apotheca Biosciences is partnering with opioid addiction centers and clinical practitioners to conduct studies on the use of RAPID for opioid addiction.

Apotheca Biosciences will build several strategic relations with physician groups and other healthcare entities to enhance the vision and mission of the company. The company also has joint development research with NuvusGro, a cannabis grow company. Our experienced and seasoned team of leaders push the boundaries of nature and science. Our team includes John Verghese, Deirdre Fernandes, Sam Talari and Dr. Steve Bucami. We are working diligently to bring on board world renown scientist to help us facilitate our growth. 

If you would like more information on Apotheca’s products, please visit:

About Apotheca Biosciences Inc.

Apotheca is a developer of cutting-edge medical products, nutraceuticals, formulation and delivery technologies for the healthcare and consumer care industry. Its pipeline of products includes, transdermal, sublingual, and nasal delivery technologies for precise and controlled dosing of cannabinoids. Apotheca believes that it can deliver meaningful benefits using its technologies to the world’s aging population.

To request further information about Apotheca, please email, or visit its website at, or visit it on FB @apotheca and Twitter @apotheca

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